Co Co Marina

example2 Co Co Marina. Cocodrie marinas.

Co Co Marina

106 Pier 56


LA 70344, Louisiana

(504) 594-6626


example2 Charter Fishing
Lodging (Condos, Boathouse Apartments, and Rooms)
Restaurant and Island Oasis bar
Berths and/or Dock Space
Wet or Dry Storage
Boat Launch
Fuels & Lubricants
Fishing tackle & supplies
Groceries, beer, soft drinks and ice
Fresh Baits (when available).......


example2 Cocodrie may be located "literally at the end of the earth," as Bob McNally, outdoors writer for the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville puts it, but top outdoor writers, including McNally, who have visited CoCo Marina agree it is well worth the trip.

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