Coyote Point Marina

example2 Coyote Point Marina. San Mateo marinas.

Coyote Point Marina

1900 Coyote Point Drive

San Mateo

CA 94401, California



example2 The Coyote Point Marina has 565 berths, able to accommodate boats from less than 22' to over 50' in length. Multihull berths are also available and range in size from 20' to 40' in length.

Each berth from 24' to 50' has included in its monthly rate not only the concrete double side-tie berth, but also a dock box for storage, a dockside 30 amp twistlock electrical receptacle and a bib for attaching a hose. For boats 22' or less we have side ties along several of our docks, which do not have dock boxes or utilities, and this is reflected in the monthly rate. We also have several side ties that are restricted by length and/or depth, but may be available at a lower rate.

example2 Even if we do not presently have any open berths available for your size boat we do have other options. The most common options are sub-letting opportunities from our current tenants who are either out cruising or whose boats are temporarily out of their berths for service. Contact the Marina office for more details.

Another option is to put your name on our 'wait list,' a chronologically arranged list of names we maintain so that when a berth comes open we can call whoever has been waiting the longest for it.


Located just off of Highway 101 in the City of San Mateo, approximately 10 miles south of San Francisco, the Marina is part of the Coyote Point Recreation Area. The Marina is sited off the north-eastern area of the point with direct access to the San Francisco Bay.

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