Boat Selling Advice

Internet is a great tool

Unlike printed mediums, such as classified ads where your boat appears as a two-line teaser, your listings can be as complete as possible, with all the details you can think of thrown in, and phone numbers and email where you can be easily contacted.

Effective listings

When creating your listing, complete as much of the standard form as possible, especially information involving the engines. For the description/condition and additional features, do a complete walkthrough of the boat and list the standard equipment and features area by area. Don't forget electronics, upgrades and information about the condition of the boat!

We recommended multiple photos to heighten its description. Take the pictures from the motor, the cockpit, staterooms, the arc, the stern, or any thing that heighten their description and aid to sell their boat.

When appraising its boat, opinion the comparable listings of the boat to determine a price that requests just. Remember that in certain areas of the station of the country also plays a factor, and that can less be worth a boat in the end of a station of the canotaje that the principle of the following one.

The selling process

Listing your boat is only the beginning of the selling process. Respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. Your buyers are accustomed to the quick response they receive from professionals, and you will be competing with them. You may be asked for additional photos of specific areas of your boat, or additional information about the condition. If you find that you have missed something in your description or are regularly asked for a photo of a specific feature, you are always welcome to return to and modify your listing free of charge.

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