• Getting the person aboard can be difficult. If you have a bathing platform or boarding ladder and the person in the water is able to help themselves, use it if it safe to do so. If they are unconscious or exhausted, a form of lifting gear will need to be improvised.

  • A short strop used in conjunction with a block and tackle rigged on the end of a halyard would make it easier for a heavy casualty to be brought on board.

  • A parbuckle can be improvised by using ropes, nets or a small sail, and the rolling the person out of the water.

  • A dingy provides another option for recovery, perhaps by partially deflating on section of the sponson tube to make it easier to get them on board.

  • Prevention is better than cure. Ensure that all actions and safety precautions to prevent a person overboard have been taken and practise drills regularly in all weathers and sea conditions - You could save someone's life.

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