Marinas Checklist

As you choose marina and your boat by same you. like a long time of sailor, delivery captain, an examiner of security and an operator of marina. This is the list of simple things before renting or buying a slip:

  • What is the general appearance of the marina?
    It has been my test that if one adjusts to the grass, the wharves are clear of obstructions and the bathrooms are intachables, the rest of marina is probably that this operating very well.

  • Is there a first class pump-out facility that really works and is easily accessible?

  • They are the wharves, wharves and shavings in the good one repair? Remember, that in bad weather the wharves and the shavings around their slide are the unique ones things that keep, its boat can have important damages.

  • There are telephone numbers of emergency fixed clearly to call to authorities, services of emergency and a personnel in load?

  • Are the cleats that receive your lines large enough, and are they securely attached to the dock?

  • They are the switches outdoors, switches and boxes on approval of bad weather are the transitory receptaculos of 15/20 amperes 120volt GFI(Ground Fault Interrupters)? Are there extensions cords and other wiring lying around that could be stepped on or chafing against the dock or a boat?

  • Are there fire extinguishers provided and placed where needed?

  • Is the marina located in a safe or dangerous neighborhood?

  • What class of security is had? On robberies with dwelled levelling of of the boat, specially of the marine electronics, one has become a great problem. What class of illumination system at night has for the security?

  • There are several places of establishment? You have an assigned space

  • If the fishermen are in marina, is there an equipped port correctly of the cleaning of the fish?

  • Is there a printed list of marina rules and regulations about pets, noice, barbeques, guests, etc.? Is it posted for all to see so that there will be no misunderstandings?

  • Are the other boats in the marina in good condition and well maintained

  • Does the marina allow you to work on your own boat?

  • Can you hire a outside person to work on your boat?

  • Finally, is your rental or purchase agreement fairly priced and equitable to both parties?