Boat Buying advice

You have decided to buy your first boat. Congratulations! Because 2/3 of the Earth surface are covered by the water, its new boat will let it visit much more of the planet, much more that you can visit in car

Size matters

The size of the boat is an important consideration. The more great it is the boat the more characteristic has generally, including cabins, the galeras (kitchens), heads (areas of the dressing table), et cetera. The disadvantage to greater boats is than they have more systems to understand and to work, and can not be trailerable, and of course, also cost more, both to buy and to work. For that reason, we recommended that he is not greater of 22-24 feet, but we made sure that any boat that you buy you are certified to take to all the passengers and to gear to him glides to bring on board.

New vs. used boats

As with a car, there are pros and cons to both new and used boats.

Is a new boat the way to go?
As with a car, there are pros and cons to both new and used boats.
The reasons of first of their boat are obvious: You know each part of your boat and its motor.
If something this badly, you have garantia, you do not have to be centered in all the restoration or repair, for that it has garantia. To finance a new boat often allows that you negotiate well. You also won watching the best type of boat for you. Like with a car, depreciation will be highest of the first station of the use.
On the other hand, the salesmen indicate that during the time of garantia, you must definitively consider garantias and types of interest when comparing the new and used boats.

Used boats: Things to consider
The used boats can be a viable option, specially for that they do not know that to do with the boat, or for families with tight budgets.
Even if you are considering buying a used boat, it is a good idea to shop new first - boatshows are a great opportunity to see what is out there and to create your short list of the critical or important traits of a boat. You will use this list to narrow down the vast amount of used boats available.

Once you find your boat, but before you buy - get a marine survey of the boat. There is no question that the expense (approximately $8-$10 per linear foot) will be money well spent. Often, structural defects or mechanical problems on boats that are old or have not been cared for properly, may be difficult to detect. A marine survey is sort of like a home inspection, the surveyor will thoroughly inspect every part of the boat - from the engine to the electrical system, the hull to the dash - and give you an analysis of the results. Depending on the results, you can benefit from this information with power to re-negotiate the price of the boat, knowledge to step away from the deal altogether if needed, or the peace of mind knowing that nothing will need repair in the foreseeable future.