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Boat Selling Advice

Unlike printed mediums, such as classified ads where your boat appears as a two-line teaser, your listings can be as complete as possible, with all the details you can think of thrown in, and phone numbers and email where you can be easily contacted.

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Buying Boats advice

The legal height for transporting over the road is 13' 6." Please choose a marina or boatyard with at least 14' overhead clearance, no low tree branches or wires on its approach. If you choose a marina or boatyard to which there is no clear access...

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Boat Transport

You have decided to buy your first boat. Congratulations! Because 2/3 of the Earth surface are covered by the water, its new boat will let it visit much more of the planet, much more that you can visit in car

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Boating Knots

These knots are specially for boat, but many are utiles for any person who utilize a cord and values security. The knots can be selected of indice to the left of above down.

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